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Sales Training with Nicolene & Joe

Ladies, please advise when this week is fine with you to do a live training session? Wed 1 July after 13:00 is suitable for me to go over it with you xxx

You’ll need your computer, internet & Anydesk installed for this to work please. When we do the training, you will need to be logged in to the T&Z website.

If you’re experiencing login / user access problems viewing this page, please let me know so I can look into them beforehand.

Thanks, T

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Still to finish – Deadline 3 July 2020

  • Nail Art Supplies:
    • Design & upload Category graphics (T)
    • Check that all the products match their images correctly
    • Hide (change to draft) all items that have no product images
  • Courses / E-Learning Centre:
    • Marketing materials for Nail Couture conversion
    • Create corresponding kit for available courses & cross link
    • Downloadable Manual for each course
    • Video tutorial(s) for each course
    • Cheat sheet for each service type
    • Multi-Instructor bug fix
    • Guinea-pig test run
  • Product price check – all items & categories. Update as needed
  • Specials Page:
    • go through stock on hand & make sure all items are on site @ marked down prices
    • social media post
    • Email to existing clients
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Namibia’s Nail Biz in a nutshell

A brief history…

In the US & Europe, the Professional Nail industry has been booming since the late 1960’s. Many of the top professional brands that have been used in overseas salons for decades, have only been introduced to the Southern African market over the last 15 to 20 years. In contrast, quite a few of the world’s “biggest” nail brands, have only become available in Namibia over the last 5 years or so.

In the mid-1990’s, Namibians were first introduced to professional nail enhancement services. At the time, only 2 pro nail care brands were available in the country, so nail technicians had very limited access to quality training and professional products. In fact, for many years, most Namibian Nail techs and their clients were kept in the dark about the fact that other product lines even existed.

For many years, brand names were confused with systems – creating the incorrect perception that if a nail tech used anything other than one particular company’s product, they were automatically considered to be a “bad” nail technician. This is absolutely not the case! There are many exceptional nail techs out there who don’t use only one brand or system – and 9 times out of 10, they’re usually the most skilled and knowledgeable.

Changes & challenges

Thanks to advancements in technology and the increased use of social media, it’s become clear to many Namibian nail techs that there’s a lot more to professional nail technology than they were initially led to believe. Fortunately, a lot of the misinformation and old beliefs about the Professional Nail industry are slowly being filtered out – especially when it comes to products, training and natural nail health.

However, despite having much better access to information online, and affordable education on the subject, many of today’s nail professionals still use outdated techniques and nail care systems – likely because the cost of additional training and product investment is often considered “too expensive”. Social media has also, unfortunately, promoted the misconception that professional nail care products can be safely used by anyone – whether they’re trained or not – creating a general reluctance to invest in quality products and education.

Many grey-market & counterfeit nail care products that mimic professional brands are easily obtained by the DIY consumer online. To them, there’s no apparent difference aside from the price tag and the fact that they can buy with out getting trained up first. This has led to a substantial increase of people developing irreversible acrylate allergies (often misdiagnosed as contact dermatitis). Incorrect use of nail enhancement products is the number one cause of natural nail damage – which often ends in the consumer believing that it’s the product that’s bad for them, rather than what they’re doing with it.

What you don’t know, can hurt you

To set the record straight, it’s really important for consumers to understand that nail enhancement products aren’t safe if you don’t know what they’re made from, or how the chemical components they’re made up of work. This is why T&Z Trading only sells certain products to trained professionals, and why we don’t encourage people to buy their own kits to do their nails at home. It’s also why we only sell reputable brands manufactured by reliable companies who can prove product safety and quality assurance.

We totally understand that doing nails is a popular hobby for almost every woman (and quite a few guys!) out there – who doesn’t like having pretty hands, or creating funky nail art that wows everyone who sees it? The important thing to keep in mind, though, is that it’s only fun when the results are good. A lot can, and does go wrong when you play it by trial and error with nail enhancement products.

To avoid having a bad experience, it’s advisable that you do your homework when it comes to either buying products, or getting your nails done professionally.

If you’re buying nail enhancement products and training, be wary of these red flags:

  • anyone who sells artificial nail enhancement products without asking for certification;
  • products that are very cheap (real professional products aren’t);
  • products that are “like [insert salon exclusive brand name here]” but you can walk into pretty much any “China shop” and buy a full nail kit for a few hundred, to a couple of thousand N$;
  • training courses with a duration of under 2 weeks for beginners.

The best nail techs invest in their education, products and tools. The naked truth is, there’s no cheap or fast way of getting into this extremely competitive business if you’re hoping to stand out among the crowd. It’s very easy to be conned into buying a “3 day training with full kit, be your own boss” package at a ridiculously low price, but one thing’s for certain: we can guarantee that if you go this route, you won’t be making enough money to comfortably live off within your first year of working; and you may end up quitting altogether.

If you’re getting your nails done professionally, make sure you’re supporting a nail tech who has been properly trained, and only uses reputable professional products. “Legit” nail techs swear by their brands, and will often be very passionate and proud of being associated with a professional brand. If you don’t see any sign of this in their work, on their social media or in their salon, you may end up being disappointed in the results of the service they provide. Price isn’t always an indicator of the nail tech’s skill or service quality either – but it is safe to say that nail techs who only use pro products often charge more than those who don’t.

It’s a matter of choice…

Ultimately, it is a personal choice whether you prefer to go pro or not… But it is important to understand that the choices you make will affect your experience and perception of the nail industry in general. We hope this article has given you a bit more insight to the nail industry, and helps you make the right choices – whether you’re a nail professional, thinking of becoming a nail tech, or someone who just enjoys getting their nails done.

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Be wise, sanitize!

In the midst of the normal stores selling out of facial masks hand sanitizers and antibacterial hand washes, please feel free to place your orders with us for these professional quality essential items during this crucial time.

We will be placing an order today, 17 March 2020 for initial stocks, but request that you please pre-order via this page as soon as possible so we are able to bring in enough stock to meet the demand.

Pre-orders are still being accepted as this supplier has their own manufacturing plant in South Africa. All orders for hand sanitation products placed as from 18 March 2020 are subject to a 7 to 10 business day delivery period.

In light of the importance of these essential products at the moment, we are opening pre-paid orders for these items at our standard wholesale rates to the general public for a limited period.

We usually don’t sell direct to the public, but under the circumstances, have decided to open orders for our professional salon hand sanitation products for the interim. If you’re not based in Windhoek, I will courier to you. Orders for personal use ONLY (unless you’re a salon professional)
No bulk orders intended for resale are allowed.

Professional Hand Sanitation Products

*** Handwash & Sanitizers are all packaged in either 250ml or 1 Litre containers ***

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March Training Specials

A special treat for Walvis Bay & Swakopmund Nail techs – join us on Saturday 14 March 2020 for a full day of learning & fun!

Nail Artist & International educator, Tanya Gunning will be hosted by EnVee Nails Namibia for yet another informative and intensive training session. Two separate classes will be held to help nail techs learn new techniques and discover fantastic new products that are designed specifically to help you grow your business and make more money.

  • For the electric filing class, we’ll be teaching nail techs how to use an electric file safely and correctly. Two kit options are available to choose from – basic & full kit.
  • For the Gel Couture class, we’ll be introducing you to the wonderful new Gel Couture product line and how to use it correctly for overlays, sculpted nails and a touch of nail art.

Windhoek techs won’t lose out – dates are included for each class on each of the links below. As these classes are on special, please note that registrations must be done by 7 March 2020 to qualify.

For full details about the classes and to book, please click on the links below:

Registrations for all classes as above close on 7 March 2020

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Learn how to use Artistic Putty

Creating fantastic quality nail enhancements has never been faster or easier! All the struggles we’ve had for years as nail techs with traditional gels & acrylic systems have now been solved:

  • No need to mix – everything you need is right in the tube
  • Perfect mix ratio every time in a pre-mixed formula
  • No running, no chasing – goes where you put it and stays there ’til you cure it
  • ZERO product wastage!

Your clients will love…

  • Nails that last for weeks without breaking or lifting
  • Healthier nails – no more soaking off every few weeks

You’ll love it because…

  • Easy filing reduces wrist & joint pain associated with acrylics & hard gels
  • Less airborne dust during filing
  • Superfast application and maintenance
  • Very economical – get up to 100 services out of one 60g tube (works out to around N$ 10.00 per service)
  • Compatible with all other Artistic Nail Design professional systems
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NAILS Magazine 2019 Reader’s Choice Awards

Every year, NAILS Magazine – the world’s biggest trade magazine for the pro-nail industry – allows the world’s nail techs to reward top brands with the Reader’s Choice Awards for innovative products released onto the market.

The top five favourite products are chosen by votes gathered by nail techs all over the globe, making this particular award especially coveted – because the winners are chosen by US, the nail pro’s.

This year, two of the top international brands we represent made it into the top 5 favourites in several categories, once again!

  • Favorite Dip System – Artistic Nail Design Perfect Dip
  • Favorite Gel Enhancement System (Hard Gel) – IBD LED/UV Clear Builder Gel
  • Favorite Gel-Acrylic Hybrid – Artistic Nail Design Putty & ibd Control Gel
  • Favorite Long-Lasting Polish (No Lamp Required) – Artistic Nail Design Colour Revolution

Why not treat YOUR clients to some of the the world’s BEST professional product lines? You’ll enjoy better quality products, longer lasting nails and much more profit!

If you’d like to try out these amazing products, please register as a nail tech with us. If you’re already registered, please head on over to the online store to place your orders 😉

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Book an Appointment

If you’d like to have your nails done by Tanya, please use the online booking system to make an appointment. Please scroll down to find out how to book and pay for your appointment.

Nail Services:

One to one Training Sessions:

Students are encouraged to use the same link as above to book their live training sessions with Tanya in Windhoek. Simply buy your course & kit from the Training section by clicking the below button, and then make your bookings as per instructions for your course.

Some of Tanya’s work…

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Stand a chance to WIN a Kupa Mani Pro Passport!

Stand a chance to win a brand new Kupa Mani Pro Passport Rechargeable Electric Nail File!
Everyone who purchases any nail drill bits to the value of N$ 500 or more from 4 December 2019 to 20 January 2020 will be automatically entered into a lucky draw to win a brand new Kupa Mani Pro Passport to the value of N$ 13 204.00.

Lucky winner will be announced on the 25 January live on the Best Electric Files and Bits Facebook page.

You can easily order your electric files and drill bits from our online store!