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Be wise, sanitize!

In the midst of the normal stores selling out of facial masks hand sanitizers and antibacterial hand washes, please feel free to place your orders with us for these professional quality essential items during this crucial time.

We will be placing an order today, 17 March 2020 for initial stocks, but request that you please pre-order via this page as soon as possible so we are able to bring in enough stock to meet the demand.

Pre-orders are still being accepted as this supplier has their own manufacturing plant in South Africa. All orders for hand sanitation products placed as from 18 March 2020 are subject to a 7 to 10 business day delivery period.

In light of the importance of these essential products at the moment, we are opening pre-paid orders for these items at our standard wholesale rates to the general public for a limited period.

We usually don’t sell direct to the public, but under the circumstances, have decided to open orders for our professional salon hand sanitation products for the interim. If you’re not based in Windhoek, I will courier to you. Orders for personal use ONLY (unless you’re a salon professional)
No bulk orders intended for resale are allowed.

Professional Hand Sanitation Products

*** Handwash & Sanitizers are all packaged in either 250ml or 1 Litre containers ***