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Beginners 2-in-1 Putty & Colour Gloss

What is it?

The special polygel formula acts as a 2-in-1 system that combines the technology of both the gel and liquid & powder systems and is far easier to apply and learn than either of the traditional systems!

Get a competitive edge and learn what the old school techs are only now starting to discover.

With polygel and UV polish training together, you learn the latest techniques available, and won’t need to learn anything else. Learning these systems first will make the most business sense for you, and will help you master the “old fashioned” gels and acrylics much faster.

Our Special 2-in-1 course option gives you the best value – learn the techniques you’ll need to be able to build a full service menu all in one course!

What you’ll learn:

NailArtiste Nail Technology Theory (what’s this?) | Product knowledge | Overlay and tip application | Sculpted nails (extend without tips! | Rebalance techniques | Nail enhancement removal | Soak-off UV gel and UV polish application and removal | Basic nail art techniques

What’s In the Kit:

1 x Nail Surface Cleanser | 1 x 14ml pH Prep | 1 x 60g Putty Translucent | 1 x 60g Putty Cover Pink | 1 x 60g Putty White | 1 x 120ml Shaping Liquid | 1 x Dampen Dish | 1 x Box tips (500ct) | 1 x 5ml Tip adhesive | 1 x Box Get Bent Forms (100ct) | 1 x Artstic Putty Pro Tool (2-in 1) | 1 x 15ml No Cleanse Top Coat | 1 x 15ml Colour Gloss Soak off Bonding Gel | 1 x 15ml Gloss Top | 3 x 15ml Colour Gloss colours | 1 x 15g Colour Gloss Building Gel | 1 x Artistic Gel Brush | 1 x Artistic Revive Cuticle Oil | 1 x Artistic Nail Product Remover | 1 x LED Lamp | 5 x 100/180 file wide | 5 x 100/180 buffer | 1 x S/S Cuticle pusher | 1 x S/S Cuticle Nipper | 1 x S/S Tip Cutter | 1 x S/S Sharp pointed scissors

This is enough product for over 300 individual services!

How much does it cost?

N$ 13,800 upfront OR in 3 installments of N$ 4,670 each

How long does it take?

The course is comprised of three separate elements, combining both self-learning and in-class training:

  • NailArtiste Theory modules take approximately 60 hours altogether. This portion of the course is self-paced e-learning, and replaces traditional theory lectures. It is compulsory learning for all beginners and must be completed before you can take a practical class. (2 to 3 weeks)
  • Practical classes take 5 full days OR 10 half days to complete. This is an in-class portion of your training and must be completed with an educator. We show you how to work with products safely and correctly, and you will work on practice hands, nail pops and live models.
  • Case Studies are the last portion of your training and are completed independently. You will work on family and friends to practice what you have been taught in the classes, and submit your records of each practice set to your educator for grading and feedback. You need to complete a minimum of 40 practice services in total before you can take your exam.

Depending on the time you are able to schedule, the course takes approximately 188 hours to complete.
Full Time study = 23.5 days