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Beginners Colour Gloss

What is it?

UV Gel polishes have taken the nail world by storm since 2009, and since then, they have all but replaced traditional polish systems in the salon. They are quick to apply and instantly dry, so no more smudging!

The popular system can be used along with any traditional nail enhancement systems or on its own in place of nail lacquer for manicures add strength to natural nails and stay chip-free for weeks.

Ideal as an add-on service for manicurists who work on natural nails, the DIY nail enthusiast or the Nail Professional.

This multi-purpose system gives you the best value for money – learn the techniques you’ll need to be able to build a full service menu around one product line!

What you’ll learn:

Product knowledge | UV polish application and removal | Combining with other nail enhancement systems | Basic nail art techniques

What’s In the Kit:

1 x Nail Surface Cleanser | 1 x 14ml pH Prep | 1 x 15ml Colour Gloss Soak off Bonding Gel | 1 x 15ml Glossing Gel | 3 x 15ml Colour Gloss colours | 1 x 15g Colour Gloss Building Gel | 1 x Artistic Gel Brush | 1 x Artistic Revive Cuticle Oil | 1 x Artistic Nail Product Remover | 1 x LED Lamp | 5 x 100/180 file wide | 5 x 100/180 buffer | 1 x S/S Cuticle pusher | 1 x S/S Cuticle Nipper | 1 x S/S Sharp pointed scissors

This is enough product for over 100 individual services!

How much does it cost?

N$ 4,450 upfront, once off

How long does it take?

The course is comprised of two separate elements, combining both self-learning and in-class training:

  • Classes take 1 half day to complete with an educator. We show you how to work with products safely and correctly, and you will work on practice hands, nail pops and live models.
  • Homework – we send you the class notes about a week ahead of the scheduled class date so that you can have a little background about what we’ll go over on the day. This allows us to spend more time with you on the hands on elements. You are encouraged to submit case studies to your educator for additional feedback and advice afterwards to help you adjust to the new product and system.
  • It is recommended that you add the NailArtiste Gel Nails Programme to this course for the best results.

NailArtiste Students: Depending on the time you are able to schedule, the course takes approximately 80 hours to complete.
Full Time study = 10 days