Book Courses

Our classes are all pre-scheduled in advance to allow you to budget and clear your schedule ahead of time.

In order for our educators to stay on top of the latest trends and techniques, they also attend to salon appointments in addition to teaching. As a result, we are unable to change dates and venues to suit each individual.

To attend a class, please view the list of available dates below. Choose the class you want to book a spot on by clicking “Select”.

Once you have chosen the classes you would like to book for, click “View Selections” and follow the instructions to complete the booking.

Please be advised that kits are ordered according to class bookings – full payment must be made no later than 7 days before the class date to make sure that your kit arrives on time. Late payment will result in your kit only being available after the class date. (Our standard terms of service apply.)

Booking fees must be paid within 12 hours of booking to reserve your spot, and are non-refundable.

For any enquiries, please do not hesitate to reach out to the educator offering the class.