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Electric File

What is it?

Learn how to safely and correctly use an electric nail file. Help reduce fatigue, minimise your risks of developing carpal tunnel or repetitive strain injuries (RSI) and speed up your service times.

Ideal for the Nail Professional who wants to upgrade her skills to include use of an electric filing system.

What you’ll learn:

E-file techniques | E-file care | What bits to use and when | Bit care

What’s In the Kit:

The kit for this course includes:
Carbide safety bit | Diamond Prepper | Sanding bands with Mandrell | Professional Electric file unit

If you have already purchased an e-file elsewhere, you are welcome to bring it along, please check with us that it meets the recommended specifications. In this event the training fee below is applicable.
More information on why just any old e-file isn’t OK

How much does it cost?

Option 1 – N$ 750 NO equipment; manual is provided

Option 2 – N$ 1,900 – includes training, required bits and manual

Option 3 – N$ 6,350 ALL INCLUSIVE

How long does it take?

The course is comprised of two separate elements, combining both self-learning and in-class training:

  • Class material is supplied ahead of the class date so you can familiarise yourself with what we’ll be doing on the day. You will be tested approximately one month after the class date .
  • Classes takes about one half day (4 to 5 hours) to complete with an educator. We show you how to work with the equipment safely and correctly, and you will work on practice hands and live models.
  • You are required to complete and pass a practical exam in order to obtain your certificate.
    Exams take place approximately 4 weeks after the course.

This course is not suitable for beginners.
Proof of training and full payment in advance is required to register.