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Learn how to use Artistic Putty

Creating fantastic quality nail enhancements has never been faster or easier! All the struggles we’ve had for years as nail techs with traditional gels & acrylic systems have now been solved:

  • No need to mix – everything you need is right in the tube
  • Perfect mix ratio every time in a pre-mixed formula
  • No running, no chasing – goes where you put it and stays there ’til you cure it
  • ZERO product wastage!

Your clients will love…

  • Nails that last for weeks without breaking or lifting
  • Healthier nails – no more soaking off every few weeks

You’ll love it because…

  • Easy filing reduces wrist & joint pain associated with acrylics & hard gels
  • Less airborne dust during filing
  • Superfast application and maintenance
  • Very economical – get up to 100 services out of one 60g tube (works out to around N$ 10.00 per service)
  • Compatible with all other Artistic Nail Design professional systems