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NailArtiste is an e-learning certification programme that gives you access to all the theory elements of your nail tech education. We’ve taken all the information that would usually be be delivered in live lectures, and bundled it into an interactive online learning experience.

Just as you would have lectures, reading material to work through, research, written assignments and tests in a traditional classroom setting, the same content is delivered in an online environment that you can access anytime, from any smart mobile device or computer.

Course work is graded and moderated by NailArtiste’s Canadian Partners, TAOND while practical training (the actual showing you how to do nails) is facilitated by our local educators in a live classroom setting.

This makes learning far more flexible to suit your schedule.

We include the NailArtiste programmes as part of our beginners courses, because we believe that working according to the North American training system gives our students the best competitive advantage over nail technicians who have only received basic product education.

T&Z Trading is currently the only professional nail product distributor in Namibia that is affiliated with NailArtiste, and is able to provide students with an accredited international training programme as opposed to brand-only based certification.

Brand-based education

  • Brief overview of nail technology theory basics
  • Product knowledge
  • Signature brand application techniques
  • Specific manufacturer’s instructions
  • No coursework or exams
  • Product certification (not a formal qualification)

NailArtiste Programmes

  • Detailed modules covering all essential nail technology theory
  • Generic application techniques
  • Specific manufacturers instructions
  • All work is graded, moderated and examined
  • Formal Nail Technology Qualification (international)

What many budding nail technicians expect they will learn when they sign up for a nail course, is that they will be taught everything they need to know. Unfortunately, with brand based education alone, this is not the case.

By including NailArtiste with our brand education, we offer our students a far more well-rounded learning experience and value for money that cannot be matched by any other nail school in Namibia!

The really awesome thing about NailArtiste is that it is flexible!

  • Beginners – buy individual modules to work through one by one OR opt for certificate bundles – you can use this education with our brands or ANY other professional nail care line!
  • Already have product training, but feel like you’ve missed out on something somewhere? No problem – buy individual modules to work through one by one OR “Fill the Gap”.

NailArtiste is the perfect addition to every nail technician’s educational arsenal – a sort of”secret weapon” to your success.