Sun5 Plus Uv/Led Universal Lamp

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  • 48w UV LED Lamp With 36 Led Bulbs.
  • Big Space For Two Hands.
  • Cures most UV Gels & UV Gel Polishes (365nm to 405nm range).
  • Removable magnetic base.
  • Adjustable cure timer
  • Adjustable light intensity setting to avoid heat spikes.
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1 review for Sun5 Plus Uv/Led Universal Lamp

  1. Nicolene Vermeulen

    YES! YES! YES! I love this 48W lamp. Great nm range that allows curing of a good variety of gel brands (ALWAYS make sure about the nm required for proper curing of the brand you use with the manufacturer though!) It has 10s, 30s and 60s settings (at full power). What makes it even better is the extra (low heat) setting it has, which cures gel in 3 phases of light intensity – prevents heat spikes on thicker applications or for sensitive clients. LEDs are placed for good nail coverage. Removable magnetic base allows for easy use with toe applications.

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