Conversion Courses

Conversion courses are ideal for nail technicians who have received training with other brands of nail care products and would like to start working with our brands. We do not “re-teach” you the basics, but instead show you how to work with our products correctly.

Each brand of nail care products is formulated differently, so it is essential that you know your products and how to work with them so you can always deliver stellar service quality to your clients.

All conversion courses we offer have two kit options included, namely a “Basix” kit or a “Full” kit. The kits are designed to ensure that you have all the essential products you need to work with our systems correctly, and have flawless results every time.

Nail techs who would like to try out our products before buying are welcome to attend a Conversion course at a reduced rate.

No product purchase is necessary to receive a certificate for attending the class.

All classes pre-scheduled and must be booked online.

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