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Tanya Gunning

A bit about Tanya

Tanya has been a nail technician since early 2001, and like many local nail technicians started out her career by attending an informal nail course. Back in those days, not many options were available to Namibian nail techs, and her initial education was a weekend-long course which included Silk & Fibreglass Nails and Gel Nails.

Being a creative and technically minded person, she had many questions for her educator afterwards about the “how’s” and “why’s” behind what she was taught, which, she realised, could not have been included in a quick 3-day course.

Since then, it has been her mission to inform and educate both herself and others about the professional nail industry on an ongoing basis. In 2005, Tanya redid her nail tech training (from scratch), and became a fully qualified professional nail technician & educator. She has helped many aspiring nail technicians expand their knowledge beyond the basics that are taught on most Namibian nail courses available.

In 2015, she co-founded the Namibian Beauty Industry Professionals Community (now the NBIPA) as part of a collective vision to begin regulating the Namibian Beauty Trades. Due to the rising number of unqualified persons providing salon services, it has become essential for all beauty industry professionals to safeguard their livelihoods by introducing regulations and standards in the industry. This is also the year in which T&Z Trading was founded.

In 2016, Tanya was selected to become a brand educator for Artistic Nail Design as part of the South African team of representatives. This was also the year that she partnered with TAOND to bring the renowned online Nail Technology training programmes to Southern Africa, trading under the banner of NailArtiste.

Aside from her qualifications in the nail biz, Tanya also holds a diploma in Business Management and is a digital marketing specialist.

Products & Systems she works with

  • Artistic Nail Design Putty
  • Artistic Nail Design Rock Hard Acrylic
  • Artistic Nail Design Rock Hard Gel
  • Artistic Nail Design Colour Gloss

  • ibd Control Gel
  • ibd Acrylic
  • ibd Hard Gel
  • ibd Just Gel Polish
  • Gel Couture Sculpting gels
  • Gel Couture UV Polishes

Some of Tanya’s work

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