Terms of Service & Policies

You deserve fantastic service, and in order for us to serve you well, we have a few things to share about the way we work.

For you, a salon service provider, we understand that you’re often away from the phone and computer for long periods of time during normal business hours; and while we have classes & salon sessions ourselves during those times, we can totally relate! This is why we’ve launched this website – for your convenience 😉

We ask that you please respect our policies, and understand that they are there to ensure that you have the best customer experience possible.

Availability of goods

  • We do not supply to the general public. EVER.
  • If you are not a trained professional, you can purchase or order our retail products from your favourite nail technician.
  • Proof of prior training or enrollment in one of our beginner’s courses is required before we can supply you.
  • If you have been trained with other product lines, it is recommended that you attend conversion training with us. This is not mandatory, but it will be in your best interest to make sure you’re getting the best results.
  • As a standard policy, you get a FREE conversion training voucher when you buy the any one of our complete product systems.

Stock holding

  • As a growing company, we do not keep a lot of stock on hand for several reasons, one of them being that the Namibian climate does not allow us to keep products on hand for long periods of time without them spoiling; another is so we can keep prices down for YOU.
  • To retain optimal product performance, we prefer to order in fresh batches more often, rather than selling you stuff that’s been sitting on the shelf for months and months.
  • We do keep most of the basics in terms of products on hand, but only in small quantities.
  • No equipment such as UV lamps and electric files are kept on hand – these items are supplied on order only.
  • Since the colour preferences of each client is different, we do not stock large quantities of colour UV gels and nail lacquers – these are ordered for you according to your specific preferences.

Ordering process

We place weekly stock orders with our suppliers, and request that your order and proof of payment reaches us by no later than 09:00 on a Friday – the earlier in the week, the better!

  • Planning ahead is essential – as per above, we do not stock large quantities of anything, please place your order with us when you see your stock is running low and not when it is finished.
  • To place an order:
    • You can log in to this website and order online – any time day or night (recommended); or
    • You can send us an e-mail or WhatsApp with your wish list and we will send you a quotation for the goods you’d like to order;
    • You must have a registered account with us – if you do not have one, we will create one for you after you have provided us with the necessary details;
  • ALL goods are supplied on a pre-paid basis. Invoices are sent via e-mail as soon as your order is logged on the system, and must be paid before we will process them.
  • Proof of EFT OR PayToday payment must reach us by no later than 09:00 Friday. Please use your name or order number as a reference when making payments.

We place our orders with suppliers every Friday. If your order & payment has not reached us by the 09:00 deadline, your order will only be processed in the following week.

Delivery of goods

  • Weekly scheduled collection of our orders at our suppliers in South Africa is done every Monday.
  • Depending on the size of orders & customs systems, goods usually arrive in Namibia within 2 business days.
  • When your order is packed and ready for collection, we will notify you. This is usually within 7 business days.
    • Windhoek based orders may be collected at the premises in Kleine Kuppe. If you’d like it delivered, a delivery fee of N$ 50.00 is added to your invoice.
    • Orders destined for towns outside Windhoek will be couriered, costs are for your account, and you must arrange for collection.
  • Orders can also be collected at your closest educator / depot at no additional fee.
  • Emergency orders are possible – extra fees are applicable.

Returns and refunds

  • Returns and refunds are only possible if product received is defective OR if the supplier has no stock of a particular item you have ordered and paid for.
  • In the event of defective goods, simply notify us immediately of the problem, and return the defective goods to us in the condition you received them within 2 days of receipt. We will gladly replace if we can, or refund you.
  • All goods we supply you are ordered on your explicit instructions, and we cannot be held responsible if you have mistakenly ordered the wrong items.
  • Receipt of payment from you = acceptance of order as received by us from you. No cancellations or refunds are possible on paid orders.


  • Classes are all pre-scheduled in advance to allow you to budget and sort out your salon schedule ahead of time.
  • Due to the fact that all of our educators attend to salon appointments, and have several classes scheduled, we are unable to change dates and venues to suit each individual.
  • Please respect our time! Just as you hate no-shows in your salon for booked appointments, we hate no-shows for pre-scheduled classes. If you book a class, and don’t intend to attend, that is taking a spot away from someone else who really does want to join (not cool!).
  • Teaching you is how we educators make our living, so the few salon appointments we still take are booked around our class schedules. In fact we don’t accept new salon clients at all anymore (only our “old faithfuls”), and we send business for nail clients to our best students instead – sharing is caring!


  • Any and all information you provide us with will be used strictly for communicating with you to conduct our business.
  • Communications are all sent via e-mail to the address you have registered with. These include ALL order notifications & invoices; and may include newsletters, promotions and website updates from time to time. Occasional broadcasts via WhatsApp may also be sent to the number supplied by you.
  • No data provided by you to us will be shared with or sold to a third-party under any circumstances.
  • We have taken the utmost care to ensure that this website and all other digital communication platforms we use are secure and will not place your online presences and activities at risk.