At Tee & Zee Trading, we do not take the “one size fits all” approach to training that everyone else uses. Instead, we tailor our training packages to your needs, based on whether you’re:

Prices for courses vary depending on:

  • your level of experience;
  • whether you choose one or all nail systems;
  • your choice of product line; and
  • whether you choose to learn with or without a kit purchase

For the above reasons, kits and tuition are sold separately from one another.

Most importantly, we follow the North American Nail Technology training curriculum. This means that the course you complete with us includes well over 120 hours worth of learning time, and a lot more information that can be taught on a typical 1-week long course.

We offer a legitimate International Qualification, using exclusively professional brands – as opposed to the more widely known “no-name-brand” courses, increasing your chances of being “salon ready” and employable as soon as you’ve qualified.