Conversion Training

Nail techs will know that there are quite literally hundreds of nail care lines out there – each one that’s a bit different from the other. The reason most brands prefer that you do a conversion course is so that they can educate you on how to use their product line correctly, and not so they can re-teach you how to do nails – because you already know how 😉

Nobody wants to invest heavily in a brand or system, only to find that they don’t like the product, or that it doesn’t seem to work as well as everyone says it does.

Most often, when switching from one brand to another, you’ll find there are going to be a few hiccups here & there if you’re doing things you shouldn’t be, or that “usually work with brand x without problems”.

For the above reasons, we recommend that nail techs consider attending our conversion classes. We have options that’ll suit everyone, too!

Which training option is right for you?

  • If you’re interested in trying our products out or you’ve already bought the basics you need for a system >> You’ll only need to buy the Conversion Course from our E-Learning Centre.
  • If you need the basics for a particular system AND want to learn how to use it >> You’ll need to buy the Conversion Course from our E-learning Centre and its corresponding Conversion Kit.

What about the Practical?

All practical classes are provided on a 1-2-1 basis. You’re in the class by yourself with the educator and the two of you will arrange a date when instructed to do so in your course materials.

Group Classes are currently not being pre-scheduled due to Covid-19.

Does my kit include everything I need?

On ALL conversion classes, we provide all the materials you need. None of what’s included in your kit is used. All kits consist of full salon sized products, NOT samples. They are also made up of open stock items, already discounted from what you’d usually pay 😉

You may be asked to bring along some of your own products, tools and equipment, depending on the course you’ve enrolled for. Your course materials will indicate this clearly.

Work out how much you make from your kit:

You’ll get a minimum of 50 individual services out of most of the kits we supply – in most cases, even more than that, making them exceptionally good value for money 😉

“Number of services you get out of a kit” x “What you charge per service” = “Total Income from kit”
Total income from kit” – “Kit Cost” = “Gross Profit”

*** We have other workshops available that’ll help you crunch all the numbers so you can maximise your profits too ***

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