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Why we’re an exlcusive “Trade-only” supplier

As a responsible trade only supplier, our mission is to promote safe salon products that comply with EU & US safety standards. We educate both consumers and salon professionals alike about the importance of obtaining quality education and sourcing safe products.

This is why we ask for, and only supply to nail technicians who can provide proof of training.

Our primary concern is that the number of allergic reactions to nail product ingredients is reaching epidemic proportions. The increasing number of people buying and using counterfeit or grey market UV cured nail products from retail outlets and online without the proper training is the root cause of the problem. (This is a fact, backed by research & statistics from the British Association of Dermatologists)

GLOBAL CAMPAIGN:Tips on how to work safely and prevent nail product allergies

Most often, the products responsible originate from Asian manufacturers who use industrial chemicals and do not perform safety testing combined with incorrect lamps being used to cure UV light cured nail products.

Unfortunately, the intricacies behind working safely with UV cured nail care products are not properly understood by the average consumer.

Even more concerning is the fact that many nail technicians are not taught the importance of chemical safety when they get their training.

A large number of nail techs are often unaware of the risks associated with chemical overexposure, and are therefore unable to identify the symptoms or prevent allergies developing by following safe work practices. Get this information here.

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Did you know?

  • We offer full training and ongoing technical support to our salon professionals – our educators and sales representatives are always happy to assist!

Train with us!

If you’re already a nail tech or if you’re a beginner, we have flexible, affordable training options to suit your needs!